-How do I get insurance for an Airbnb in New York?

Not all insurance companies like to insure Airbnb type rentals, there is too much traffic for some insurance companies. Other’s say, “We’ll take the risk but charge a little extra than a standard landlord policy”. Landlord policies more the liking to insurance companies because of the steady rental to 1 party as opposed to several parties. But there are also many landlord insurance companies that are OK with the transient nature of a short term rental.

Just like some communities trying to limit short term rentals (STR), some insurance companies do too. However, independent insurance broker’s like we are, know which insurance companies welcome the STR industry! They understand the marketplace, know how to underwrite the risk and love the power a company like Airbnb is behind the landlord.

As a landlord, just be aware that if you change from a standard, long term tenant into a short term one, you could be in an “exclusion” part of your landlord policy. So if you do change to a STR, be in contact with your insurance provider, to make sure you aren’t in violation of their underwriting terms.

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