Labor Law 240 for Landlords in NY.

Labor Law 240 for Landlords in NY.

Unless served with a lawsuit, I don’t think many landlords in New York State know that the labor law 240 is still in existence. This is for all commercial buildings and for residential buildings having 3 or more units.

Why should landlords in NY care? Because it is whom you hire to work on your buildings that matter. It could be someone who gets high while on their lunch break and then falls off the ladder after lunch. Labor law 240 states that it is absolute liability on the building owner, regardless if the injured party is at fault.

At my insurance agency, we once had a drunk worker fall off a clients roof and was rewarded $100,000. In another incident, a worker fell off a step-ladder being used like an extension ladder and was rewarded $350,000 – the policy limit.

Labor Law 240 for Landlords in NY.

So anywhere you have a height exposure, you as the landlord must have a good insurance policy in place. Fall from a height is what triggers a claim and makes the landlord 100% liable. You can make sure the construction company has great insurance through a certificate of insurance but  the employee can still sue a 3rd party – YOU!

Labor Law 240 for Landlords in NY.

As a landlord, you should always buy as much liability as an insurance company will offer. Most will go to $500,000 and still other insurance companies will go to $1,000,000. This all depends on the risk being insured. Keep your insurance agent aware of all the risks you have at your buildings location. You don’t want a claim “excluded” because you forgot to tell your insurance agent everything.

Be a smart landlord and a smart insurance buyer.

Tom Larsen

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