When is it an insurance claim vs maintenance?

We just had a client call and the dripping water behind the shower, warped the flooring. Insured said they didn’t notice the leak but how could you not? Water in the basement, water on the floor you keep mopping up. An example like this would NOT be an insurance claim but a maintenance issue. Insurance is for sudden & accidental occurrences – the hot water tank blew and damaged the drywall and floors. The toilet on 2nd floor overflowed and caused ceiling & wall damage below. The 70 mph winds blew off roof shingles that now need to be replaced. These are examples of sudden & accidental claims that WOUL be covered by insurance.

If your plumbing has been leaking for 3 months and you don’t do anything about it, that is a maintenance issue for your home. Don’t assume everything is an insurance claim, when in fact, it may be the cost of maintaining a home!

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