Flipper’s of Investment Real Estate

If you are a flipper of real estate, just know that you are not going to get “platinum” type coverage on a vacant building. Insurance of these properties will be mostly fire and liability insurance coverage, as insurance companies don’t want the leaky roof, the fuses that need upgrading, the boarded up windows or vandalism.

As a provider of insurance for rental properties, we can and do insure lots of these type properties, just know you are not getting superior coverage. For all the prior mentioned reason’s real estate investor’s do have to share in this type of risk. Fire coverage is fine, liability for slip & falls is fine but stolen windows, cabinets, toilets will not be part of the coverage extended to your real property.

Be a smart consumer of real estate investing, you need to take the best possible precautions when investing in one of these flips. If it’s a risk you are willing to take, we have several insurance companies willing to unsure real estate of this type.

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