Frozen Pipes at My New York Rental Property.

Frozen Pipes at My New York Rental Property.

As the Northeast is having some of it’s coldest weather in recent history, we need to talk about frozen pipes.

Frozen Pipes at My New York Rental Property.

The un-freezing of pipes at a rental is considered maintenance and a landlord’s responsibility to repair. However, if that frozen pipe becomes unfrozen and results in water damage, that water damage is covered by the landlord’s insurance policy.

The repair of the pipe itself isn’t covered, again a maintenance issue but any subsequent damage caused by water will be covered.

We had a client with a 16 unit apartment building and the 3rd floor hot water tank froze. Not sure how that happened but it did and caused extensive damage to the 2nd and 1st floors. All the floors and ceilings needed to be replaced and were with his insurance policy.

water and sewer back up in basement
Water in Basement

We also had a two family landlord, who had a basement line freeze and then thaw out without his knowledge. The basement flooded, causing damage to the furnaces, which needed to be replaced. We put the claim in and got him covered for the damage the water caused.

Frozen Pipes at My New York Rental Property

For New York landlord’s, make sure you have complete protection for water damage claims that may happen at your rentals. Not all insurance companies will have this coverage in their policies, so make sure you have the right insurance policy.

Frozen Pipes at My New York Rental Property.

Tom Larsen, speaker, author, licensed insurance broker



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