Get a new puppy this year?

even small dogs bite sometimes
Small Dogs Bite

Were you surprised with a new puppy this holiday? With 70% of households owning dogs, homeowner’s often do not think about dog bites or being sued. This has been an ever increasing liability issue & lawsuits from aggressive dogs. In fact, my daughter got bit in the face by a friends dog and my Dad got bit on his thumb by the next door neighbors dog.

What most homeowner’s don’t know, is for $30-$40 a year, they could increase their homeowner’s liability portion to $1,000,000. Or buy a personal umbrella policy for $200 a year (would also go OVER your car insurance too). Calling your insurance agent is something I am sure 99% of homeowner’s don’t think about.

But calling your insurance broker is exactly what new dog owners should do. A typical homeowner policy comes with a standard $300,000 of liability coverage – maybe not enough. So to spend $40-$200 more per year, you are now being pro-active in protecting all you own. Your financial plan should include a discussion with your insurance agent too.

Be a smart insurance consumer!

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