Mixed Use Property Insurance New York

Mixed Use Property Insurance New York

The driving factor for a mixed-use building owner is, who is the retail tenant? If it is a bar or restaurant, that eliminates a whole bunch of insurance companies. If it is a gun store, just eliminated a whole bunch more. But if it is a dentist office, an optometrist or coffee house, there is a lot of competition for this type of risk.

So the 1st question we ask is – who is the tenant in the shop, store, office? This will help us to determine which insurance company we can use for the landlord. The riskier the tenant and the type of client they draw in, the less choices a building owner would have.

Mixed Use Property Insurance New York

That is why being an independent insurance broker is great – we have lost of insurance companies to choose from for our mix-use building owner landlords. A lot of landlords don’t get this when they are leasing out a building to a new tenant. That is why using an experienced professional landlord is the best thing. We’ll know who has a good handle on your risk and which insurance company to use.

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