At Larsen Insurance, we specialize in insuring New York Landlords and Real Property exposures across New York. You will have a variety of different insurance companies that we can compare your coverages and rates with, but maybe more importantly, we can advise you on what coverages you need to have in your policy depending on your specific situation.

Small 1 family rentals, Duplexes, Mix-Use properties and larger complexes can all be insured by Larsen Insurance.

Also, as the president of Western New York Real Estate Investors Club (, I lead over 100 real estate investors in monthly meeting. We also bring in local and national speakers, to further educate our real estate investor community. Keeping New York Property owner’s educated is what we do too.

I have a very intimate knowledge of the NY real estate marketplace and the needs of real estate investors. I too own and manage rental property – I am one of you!

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