Garage Coverage or She Shed Coverage

She Shed Coverage
She Shed/Garage

With some insurance commercials calling a backyard shed a “she shed” in insurance terms it is an “other structure”. So that she shed is covered by 10% of what the building is covered for in 99% of the insurance policies. So if your house or rental property is covered for $200,000, then you have $20,000 for the other structure or she shed. You can always buy more coverage but the included amount is $20,000 in our example.

And not all the items inside the “other structure” are covered by this insurance. Any land and/or water conveyance item must have it’s own insurance. So a snowmobile, a boat, a dirt bike, a motorcycle, a ski-doo….all must have their own insurance policy and are NOT covered by the “other structure” insurance.

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